Steps to Follow When Making a DIY Terrarium


Brightening your house demands a high level of keenness. There are so many people who are buying decor which are expensive and at the same time fragile. However, you should ensure to visit a terrarium workshop Singapore where you will manage to create or make your own terrarium. Making your own DIY terrarium demands keenness and jotted below are steps to follow.

To begin with, you should make sure to have all the required materials for the DIY terrarium. These materials play an integral role and they are effective and essential to a beautiful terrarium. The materials required are cactuses, rocks, activated charcoals, potting soil, a clear glass jar, decorative items, a spoon, brush and gloves. Where you don’t have activated charcoal, you should consider using carbon pellets. Another thing you can replace or rather alternate is rocks for pebbles.

Once you have all the required materials, you should consider having your clear glass jar positioned on your working segment or area. The first step will require that you use the activated charcoal or the carbon pellets to create the base layer on the jar. Ensure to create a layer based on the size of your jar.

The second step will demand that you use the rocks that you have or the pebbles and have them positioned on top of the base layer. There is need to ensure that the Terrarium  has a tremendous drainage system. In other words, these rocks that you position will enhance the drainage process or system.

With the rocks positioned appropriately, you should endeavor to add the potting soil. The cactus needs life and the soil that you position will help the cactus ultimately. Therefore, ensure to add the potting soil on top of the rocks or the pebbles.

The other fundamental step is removing the cactus from its pot. Once you have removed the cactus, ensure to wipe all the excess soil using the spoon. There is need to make sure that the roots are clean and free from unwanted soil. There are instances where the soil might be scattered on the top parts of the cactus. The best way to dust off the soil is through using the brush. Therefore, ensure to wipe the soil gently using the brush and make sure that the upper parts are neat.  Read more about a  terrarium workshop  here.

Once your cactus is clean, ensure to create a small hole using the spoon. Position your cactus and use white sand or tiny rocks to create a decorative upper layer. Once you position the rocks, ensure to add some crystals or frosted pebbles.

There is need to look for a terrarium workshop Singapore that offers terrarium making classes. These classes will help you improve your skills. Basically, you will advance from an amateur to a professional.

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